I won’t be a flower
Picked from a garden
And then left to die.

I will be a thorn
Full of wilderness
Difficult to break.



I can feel you,
See you in the sunlight.

I am listening to you,
As I need you
to hold me throughout and forever.

I speak about you,
with storms and the wind,
thunder and lightning,
and tell’em,
‘am lost without you.

When ‘am happy,
or at the extremes of elation;
Suppressed by the pain,
or driven by contemplation,

I look above, lift my eyes and smile,
as I know, you’re there Good Lord, My Companion.




Oh dear! Oh dear! Why you fear?
The Lord is there to lend you an ear.

Stay still, stay quiet, be inside the cot,
Don’t rush, don’t panic, be it cold or hot.

You broke my heart
and took everything
I was young as the morning
and now old as the sea
Having nothing
but drops of water

Love is never black or white.
It’s grey.
… and it’s hard to find the most passionate form of love through every shade of GREY.

Photo credit:fineartamerica

I don’t know exactly who you are, where you belong, but I think I know you for you being you, the way you appear on the screen of my life. I feel, having met you is as refreshing as a sapling, as a fully bloomed flower. I know it would be a lot to say that you are just like my shadow self but yea, that’s true somehow. A perfect blend of thoroughness, civility and jubilance you are, such calm and composed that even sea would be jealous of you. The aroma of aestheticism that you have makes you an epitome of transcendent. I surmise I have entered the era of revelation and am able to project myself better. You have filled me with an insight, an inspiration towards my passion. The pursuit of sanguinity that you own has made me fall in love again with myself, my work, my life and it won’t be wrong to say that now, having met you, I feel resurrected.

Much gratitude

How would not I love thee!

Every day in my dreams
I collect you piece by piece
and count the ways how I love thee.
I love thee deeply, as deep as colour red
I love thee purely, as god’s soul
I love thee more every day, to the highest level of peace,
a troubled one strives for.
I love thee with all the smiles, tears and laughter of my life,
because you never walked away, completely.
The aroma of your love still resides in my heart.
I battled now and then
to vanish the relic of love
I see your footprints but not you.
Time tried to make them fainter but
some imprints last forever, and they say over again
the song of melancholy, of remembrance, and yet once over again
as if they want to stay, stay with me forever, to make me say
“how would not I love thee!”

P.S. It’s the same day but not the time…

Forgetting is long!

Rain, dewdrops, soil, flowers
everything I touch, I see you
I see you in them
and now when you have stopped loving me , I shall stop too
but every boat in the sea of love is taking me towards the shore of island
where you reside
where I cannot see you
for I blindly love you
and in the journey, I will see the death of me
of only me
as I will die of love
of love I have for you
My heart full of fire and blood,
yelling and crying out your name
but the voice does not touch you
‘coz you are far off and the journey is long
just like love is short and forgetting is long…

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